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About EcoHero

Our mission is to bring together eco-friendly people, educate and motivate them to change their daily habits and to eat, travel and live more sustainably.

EcoHero app tracks eco activities beneficial for the planet and calculates their positive impact. Footprint summaries show how much water, land, plastic and CO2 are users saving. The positive impact is increased by social features, which allow users to inspire their friends and followers.

The first concept of the app was inspired by the documentary Cowspiracy. During the last 16 months of development, the original idea of "water saving" tracker was extended to full "eco activity tracker". The EcoHero app was released for iPhone on 26 February 2020. EcoHero was co-founded by Peter Nemeckay and Martin Miklas. A significant part of the work was done by our team member Stanislava Nesvadbova.

Our goal is to be the world's #1 eco app until the end of 2021. We want to make Eco tracking as common as Sports tracking. We want to make using "Eco-friendly social" app as common as using Foursquare, Strava or Instagram.